My work is a constant search into new territories of abstraction and the possibilities of painting. The paintings are personalized color formations created by movements of the mind. I resonate with Paul Klee's statement, "Color and I are one."

Sources  of my work?  "Sunburst" and "Big Break" are inner explorations of psychological states and some of the work has visual references to bridges, architecture and aerial views.

The geometric abstractions with earth colors refer to my interest in early pueblo dwellings and the spirit life of the peoples of the Southwest. “Sipapu” refers to the sacred spirit within a pueblo kiva that moves into and out of the space. “Eruv” refers to a doorway that connects private space with a public one. The work in “Degrees of Abstraction” revel the capacity of geometric abstraction to explore and diffuse challenging material.     845-532-1374    © 2017 LYNNE FRIEDMAN. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED